3 countries from Latin America safe for tourists

3 countries from Latin America safe for tourists

Central America is one of the most dangerous areas in the world. Yet this region is highly frequented by travelers. Of course, we are not considering a trip to South America in the same way as we plan a trip for few days in the United States. Nevertheless, a trip to New World is not necessarily synonymous with a risky journey that would be to escape mosquitoes, diseases and potential aggressors.

Here are different possibilities of family stay available to you in Latin America

1- Nicaragua, for its inhabitants and its environment. Just after crossing the border, we immediately feel at home. People are very friendly and welcoming. The local transportation system is very accessible and easy to use.

You will have great encounters with local Nica ; and you will discover a country rich in enthusiasm and lively youth. Nicaragua, still little known, is full of activities of all kinds to please everyone.

From canyoning to surfing, Nicaragua knows how to please young active travelers. But it is also, the country of the volcano. You can climb volcanoes, either during the full moon, or to see the boiling lava, sleep in a tent, at the top or even down the sledge.

Relatively affordable, you can easily stay for $ 7 in dormitories and eat a good traditional dish for $ 3. Bus transportation is really cheap and allows you to get around easily and safely throughout the country. Tourists are treated very well that even with young children, it is a perfect destination to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

2- Guatemala, for its authenticity. Surrounded by people in traditional clothes, you will learn a lot about the habits and the original know-how of this magnificent country. The ancestral heritage of Maya is still visible in the daily practices of life and we can see magnificent Mayan ruins.

  •  The cheapest: As the cheapest country in Central America, Guatemala will teach you excellent Spanish courses at an unbeatable price. Food, activities, housing and transportation are all at very low prices compared to other Central American countries.
  •  Enhanced security: Although this country has a bad reputation, for tourists, the risk is low. With police at any corner but especially with highly monitored tourist sites, you will feel good in this country.

3- Costa Rica, for families. For any traveler who knows a little about Latin America, having Costa Rica arriving in the first position as the safest destination will not be surprising.

This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Latin America thanks to its excellent hotel infrastructure which you can book now on Opodo, its lush nature and its wonderful beaches. In addition, the yellow fever vaccine is not necessary, even for trekking. Only vaccines against typhoid fever and hepatitis A are recommended.

The beaches are beautiful, health risks are almost nonexistent and sightseeing will allow you to perform some cultural outings at your own pace by renting a car with Opodo. So book now, why wait for tomorrow?

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