Mexico : a seductive city

Mexico : a seductive city

Mexico is a located in the southern part of North America. In the north, it is bordered by the United States of America. In the south it is bordered by Belize and Guatemala. In the east, there is the Gulf of Mexico; and to the west, there is the Pacific Ocean. There are 31 states in Mexico. The capital city is Mexico City. It is located in the southern part of Mexico. Mexico city has the most inhabitants among the other cities in Mexico.

Mexico is a seductive city and a popular tourist destination. Every year, over 20 million tourists from many countries visit the country. Discover the most fascinating tourist attractions in Mexico.

What makes Mexico city a seductive city?

Mexico is endowed with several tourist attractions, including:

  •  A rich historical heritage: Mexico was once home to primitive men, 10 thousand years ago. In addition, it is a land of immigrants of Spaniards, Arab, and Greco-Roman origins.
  •  Fascinating cultural diversity, which derives from a combination of European and Mesoamerican cultures.
  •  Fantastic beaches, because the country is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.
  •  Historical places, featuring the Mesoamerican ruins, the Maya ruins.
  •  Natural reserves, which encompass unique animal and plant species.
  •  Interesting landmarks and architecture, particularly represented by the pre-Hispanic cities of México-Tenochtitlan, Teotihuacán, and Tollan-Xicocotitlan.
  • Music festivals: The best months to enjoy music festivals in Mexico are from July to December. The Day of the Dead Festival is among the most popular ones. Festivals can last from 3 to 9 days.

Mexico: Climate and weather

The climate varies from region to region. The Tropic of Cancer divides the climate of the country into temperate and tropical. The northern part is dryer than the southern part of the country. The best time to go to Mexico is in December and in June. Many tourists and students also spend their vacation in Mexico during the Easter holidays and Spring break.

Fascinating places in Mexico

  • Acapulco: If you go to Mexico, don't miss to visit the city of Acapulco, which is a popular tourist venue. It is located in the Pacific coast, and it is popular for its fantastic beaches. You can stay at the best hotel in Acapulco. Experienced divers can take the opportunity to dive into the ocean from the vertical cliff at the Acapulco beaches. It is a really thrilling experience.
  • Fuerte de San Diego: It is a museum along the coast of Acapulco.
  • Fortin Alvarez, Polvorin, Acapulco: This castle is located in Polvorin, near 18 de Julio streets. It is worth visiting.

Discover the seductive city of Mexico

Whether you are a student or a business person, or a tourist, Mexico has a lot to offer you. Its rich cultural and historical diversity makes the country so fascinating to visit. Explore the museums in Mexico and learn more about its history and culture. Visit the old ruins inside Mexico and discover the amazing Mesoamerican civilizations.

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