Uruguay : a country nice to live in

Uruguay : a country nice to live in

Uruguay is a country in South America. It is located in the southeastern region of South America. It is on the east of Argentina; and to the north there is Brazil. The southern part is bordered by the sea. Uruguay has an estimated population of 3.44 million.

The capital city is Montevideo. It is the largest city in Uruguay where about half of the population lives. Montevideo is in the southern part of the country. Montevideo is home to many interesting museums, fascinating landmarks and other tourist attractions. Uruguay is endowed with beautiful beaches and productive farms. It has become a popular place to live in and to work.

Read and learn about Uruguay, a country which is nice to live in.

Occupation opportunities

Unlike in other countries, foreign workers in Uruguay do not receive work visas. However, you legally work in the country as a temporary resident or as a permanent resident. You can also apply for a provisional identity card and get permission to legally work in Uruguay.

  • If you are from the country which does not require a visa, you are free to enter Uruguay without a visa; therefore, you should check if your country is among these.
  • If your country is among those which require a visa to enter the country, you have to apply a visa from the Uruguayan Consulate in your country. Then, you will be granted permission to stay in the country for 90 days. A temporary Identity Card or ID which is only valid for 6 months will be given to you as a temporary worker. It is not renewable, however.

How to find a job as a Foreigner in Uruguay

You can easily find job offers in Uruguay by browsing on glassdoor.com or other job search engines. Type in the desired position and read the job description. Then, apply for the job by filling in the required information. You may be asked to upload your résumé, cover letter and degrees. Therefore, get all your documents ready before you start to apply for any position.

Living and working in Uruguay

Have you already found a position in Uruguay? If you are from a country which does need a visa to enter Uruguay, you can first come in as a tourist or as a student. Then, you can look for a job and secure a position in the country if you want to live and work there.

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